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Best practices in corporate governance

Company governance is a tool for increasing competitiveness and establishing the perspective and processes to be followed to ensure long-term sustainability. Hence the importance of …

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Tower Companies: what’s next?

A new landscape for the telecom industry: a market that had always worked well for footprint expansion in the right terrain at the right price, …

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Deliver on your new approved brand strategy

Starting point. Take into account the context of the brand development strategy for the overall business strategy. Know where to take the company and use …

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What is the role of a Chief Strategy Officer?

A Chief Strategy Officer is becoming increasingly important in many organizations. This importance is due to the need to coordinate the design, implementation and realization …

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What does it take to nail down your digital transformation?

Digital transformation in a company is the move towards modernization through digital technologies. This change makes business ideas grow. The most outdated business models no …

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The circular economy and its role in a company’s strategy

The circular economy was born as an alternative to the current economic model: it aims to redefine growth, focusing on positive benefits for society as …

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Sustainability and communication

Using Storytelling to inform and generate impact is a technique we can employ to communicate sustainability. Stories have the power to generate emotions. As a …

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Pillars of a good ESG strategy

The ESG strategy is a fundamental pillar for a sustainable company. This concept stands for Environmental, Social and Government to refer to environmental, social (impact …

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