We work across a specific range of industries, implementing the tools and support to solve our clients’ most relevant challenges.


Beyond helps top players across the world on their challenges. We help Converged, Mobile, Fixed/Fibre, Infrastructure and MVNO players. From full 5y strategy to segmentation or financial feasibility analysis  Navigate rapidly changing markets to promote innovation, capture new opportunities, and create value


It has never been clearer that companies need to be able to learn quickly, be more resilient to shocks, and adapt. We not only deliver standalone digital improvements, but embed digital and technology at the heart of our client  business models.


Technological advancements are fast-paced and constant. Beyond keeps abreast of the latest technology, providing our customers with expert services and guidance to navigate this ever-changing world.

Food and Beverage

Complex consumer behavior, retail consolidation, Digital technology, and emerging markets are creating new challenges—and opportunities—for consumer products and retail companies alike. Beyond has contributed to Wineries, Brewers, Retailers across Europe and LatAm.


In FMCG, profit margin and fast stock turnover are essential. Beyond understands this market and has helped countless organisations navigate this complex territory. We understand market volatility and changing consumer behaviour, placing us in an ideal position to maximise your gains.


The retail environment has changed with the increasing prevalence of online retail and consumer demand for convenience. We understand this fast-paced marketplace and have helped companies maximise their footprint and gains in this industry.

Pharma & Consumer Health

We help pharmaceutical companies (from drugs to cosmetics and devices) tackle their day to day challenges.  The pharma market evolution has forced pharmaceutical companies to undergo major change stress. We support your team from Market Access to forecasting or sales force effectiveness

Travel & Leisure

In the post-pandemic world, travel and leisure are again taking up their rightful place in the economy. Beyond is ideally positioned to study and understand these trends, indicating customer preferences and behaviour. We assist our clients in navigating this changing world, providing for and anticipating their customers' needs.


Education is an essential component of our civilisation and is changing fast. We understand the educational space and help role players excel in this space. Beyond assists clients in providing streamlined learning environments where students can thrive in physical and virtual classrooms.

Private Equity

Beyond has a specialisation as a leading consulting partner to the Private Equity industry and its key stakeholders. We advise and execute across the entire investment life cycle.

B2B Companies

B2B models are intrinsically different to customer facing ones. We know this first hand from our experience with multiple clients (or business units) who solely deal with business as clients

Beyond insights

Find relevant research, thought pieces and client stories

Food Sustainability F&B industry

The Impact of Food Sustainability in 2023

The call for food sustainability is on the rise. This movement doesn’t just focus on the food available in supermarkets but the entire production and …

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Are Altnets in the UK Sustainable?

Various alternative internet service providers, or altnets, operate in the UK market.  These compete with Openreach and Virgin Media O2, which currently dominate this market. …

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Why Data is A Key Driver for Sustainability

Why Data is A Key Driver for Sustainability

A sustainable future has been a hot topic for the last decade. Governments, investors, businesses, and consumers are concerned about the world’s available resources – …

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Service delivery

Ecletic teams

Our teams are comprised of highly qualified professionals with diferente backgrounds.

Own IP and frameworks

We have extensive IP built over 15+ years of experience, to rapidly develop ideas and implement them.

A practical culture

Our strategies and action plans are designed to ensure that client and Beyond teams can realise them.


All of our projects are viewed through the lens of the impact on society and the environment.

Learn about how we can help you achieve Sustainable Growth.

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