Impact assessment

Beyond assists organizations in establishing processes to understand, measure, evaluate, and manage impacts that are credible, understandable, and replicable and that can be subject to external assurance.

This includes, but is not limited to, evaluating the quantitative and qualitative impacts of strategies, programs, products, and services, and developing management recommendations to improve future performance.

ESG target definition & implementation

Beyond assists organisations in developing and defining their sustainability targets. Once defined, Beyond collaborates with organisations in forming actionable implementation plans to ensure these ESG targets are reached. This includes adhering to industry standards, setting achievable timelines and implementation goals, and evaluating systems once implemented.


Beyond assists organisations in attaining industry-specific sustainability-related certifications. This includes assessing implemented measures, setting out action plans to achieve necessary certifications effectively and efficiently, and assisting in certification renewal.

Training & capacity building

Beyond assists organisations in increasing their in-house sustainability through targeted training and capacity building. This includes tailor-made courses, long-term and short-term training modules, and measures to build sustainability into the company culture.

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