We strive to deliver Growth to the portfolio companies of PEs
We align to the specific needs of the CEO and ensure the tangible impact is delivered

Strategy definition & review

Uncertainty accelerates, while the lifetime of business models or leadership shortens
Choosing the right path takes two things: strategic insights into how your market is likely to change—and the ability to create value from those insights before the game changes again.
We partner with clients not just to develop strategies, but also make them reality.
Every step needs to ensure the right involvement of your top management team, from extracting the insights that will drive the future strategy, to defining the execution plan and structure a strong and consistent communication plan.

Digital transformation

Transform the business and the organization to take advantage of the possibilities that new digital technologies provide.
Transformations are hard, and digital ones are harder, less than 20% of those who embarked in a digital transformation successfully improved performance sustained.
They either find one of the multiple excuses to postpone Digital Transformation or fail in its vision and implementation.
In order to successfully achieve it, your company needs to have a clear vision, lead and track the transformation from the top , build your digital capabilities & embrace agile & simplicity.
beyond partners can help you navigate this path hands on.

New business development

Impact generating growth initiatives can come in two shapes: Organic and Inorganic

The decision to enter a new market (either category, geography or industry) is a complex one. Beyond brings the required rigor both in market analysis and in financial analysis, to help you take the right decision.

Bolt-on M&A is a strong tool at the hands of the GPs and Portfolio companies CEOs. Having a trusted partner to deliver a robust analysis on the growth impact of the acquisition, enables quick decision making and hitting the ground running from day 1 post acquisition

Acquisitions (Due diligence)

Beyond understands acquisitions and their related pitfalls. We perform detailed due diligence processes, identifying and removing those potential pitfalls. With us, clients can know that their business is taken care of.

Acquisitions (Post merger integration)

Ensuring streamlined post-merger integration is essential to business growth. Beyond facilitates this process, ensuring that our clients can carry on with business effectively and efficiently while adjusting to life after the post-merger integration.

Business turnaround

Even if you are already dominating your market, to stay ahead you must transform: Always-on business transformation is essential for surviving disruption.
In other less attractive situations, where a business unit, category or function is continuously failing despite the efforts, a total up-haul is needed.
However 2/3 of business transformation programs fail, largely because most companies lack a disciplined approach.
We help clients beat these odds. - Business Turnaround - Change Management - Restructuring

Sales effectiveness (B2B focus)

Profit requires effective sales. Beyond is skilled at improving sales effectiveness, specifically focusing on business-to-business sales. We offer training, and sales funnel redesign, and support for the sales team to improve processes and functions for effective sales actions.

Supply chain & procurement

For business success, supply chain and procurement processes must be streamlined and tamper-proofed. Beyond is skilled at evaluating and optimising these processes to remain robust for our client's current and future needs.

Operating model redesign

Organisational needs change over time, and so should its operating model. Beyond skilfully navigates this changing environment, helping clients adjust after upscaling their business and post mergers. We develop robust operating models customised to current and future needs.

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