Data Analytics is the science of information. It is the optimization of the use of information and harnessing its power: information has power. Imagine having the ability to evaluate all the weaknesses of an organization, as well as its growth and strengths. Wouldn’t that give us more power when it comes to good management? Getting the information we need gives us the ability to make good decisions in the short, medium and long term, and this information will be provided by our beloved discipline: data analysis.
In a nutshell, data analysis allows us to obtain insights from raw data sources. And it is precisely this processing that is the key to the issue, since a lot of relevant (and powerful) information could get lost in the mass of information. After such processing, the information is used to increase the efficiency of a business system.
And who (or what) does this task then? Well, without many surprises, a data analyst. They will have responsibility for identifying any data quality issues in the data acquisition process, tracking data, coordinating with engineers on new data collection, statistically analyzing business data and documenting it, among many other tasks.
Another big player in this relevant role is Power BI: an easy-to-access toolset that gets us to our data quickly and securely. It is a giant processor that converts information into graphs, dashboards or reports, for example. It is a system of great support for its predictive quality, as well as a tool that facilitates access to our data of interest.
It is the easiest way to connect to an entity. As we have said, information is power, and being up to date with this information is essential for the proper functioning of a company. Thanks to Power BI, analyses can be shared by different users of the same organization; thus, managers, financial, commercial, etc., can access business information in real-time.

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