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Gamma established itself as a leading B2B Telecom service provider in the UK market. Its growth and success was due to two of its products: SIP and Hosted PBX. 
The market had evolved and SIP growth was to decline and PBX was being disrupted
Gamma needed to keep its growth and find a long term strategic direction that will enable it 
beyond brought in an exciting team of consultants to deliver a 5 year strategy.
With the top leadership of the company, the team:
  • Analysed the market and the future outlook.
  • Assessed all options within existing, adjacent or new businesses.
  • Helped the CXOs prioritise the most sensible initiatives.
  • Crafted a structured plan that was easy to communicate and understand
We also helped deliver some of the outcomes with financial planning, M&A, turnarounds… 

“Gamma delivered to the investors its first Strategy plan and through its successful  execution is effectively transforming itself into a European UCaaS player”

The team successfully delivered in 2019 a 5 year strategy that have been phenomenally executed by the client since.
  1. They have successfully entered the UCaaS market: The company has acquired several companies and is securing its position in this new and competitive market 
  2. They effectively expanded into Europe to gain continued growth and scale: establishing themselves in NL,GER & SP
  3. They changed completely they Mobile MVNO approach and partner returning to the profitability path

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